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Cognitive Dissonance

Program Notes:

Cognitive Dissonance is a work for solo percussion and spoken word. In December of 2015, I stumbled onto a piece called Vicious Children by Wally Gunn. I had never realized that spoken word could be another element of percussion music, so I decided to explore that vein in my own writing. After writing a triangle trio called Fluid Architecture for 3G Percussion (a trio based out of Houston), I listened to music by composer Frederic Rzewski. The piece I listened to most was Fall of the Empire. It's a very interesting piece for various instruments and spoken word. After doing much research on this new form of music, I decided to compose a long-awaited piece for a long-time friend, Manuel TreviƱo. This piece is about metacognition (thinking about thinking) coupled with the right brain versus the left brain. I thank M.R. Graham for composing the text for this piece:

        I am a case study in creation,

        deconstructing souls even as my larynx forms songs.

        What is happening up there where the intellect resides,

        between synapse and stardust?

        And where does it go when the sparks die?

Instrumentation: crotales (low octave), vibraphone, metal mixing bowl with BBs inside, mounted kick drum, 2 congas, roto tom, opera gong, metal pipe, brake drum, tam-tam, spoken word