Conversation for Two Tubas

Conversation for Two Tubas is a piece written for Andrew Kesten. Our interesting friendship started in the Spring of 2012 when the both of us met in Symphony Orchestra in my undergrad. He, about 30 or so years older than me, found out that I write music, and asked me to write a tuba duet so he can record it with a friend for me. I agreed, and a few days later I give this piece to him. He really liked it and promised to record it. After a few months, we lost touch and haven't been in contact with since. I still listen to the Finale version of the piece every so often for laughs.

Program Notes: Conversation for Two Tubas is a piece for either two tubas or a tuba and euphonium. There is a literal dialogue in the beginning, and once one of the performers plays something catchy, they start to 'improvise' over that theme. The theatrical duet is a fun addition to any program, but it is best served as an encore.

Instrumentation:  2 tubas (the first tuba part may be played on a euphonium if desired)