Mat Campbell Music

Composer. Arranger. Conductor. Percussionist. Educator.


 Our lives are filled with weeks that endlessly repeat. It’s easy to get lost in a week and then before you know it, weeks fly by. Sometimes it’s nice to reflect on every day of the week in order to soak in everything that happens. Epochis my take on the days of the week. It is composed in eight miniatures starting and ending with Sunday. The inspiration behind every movement either has to do with a general mood of the day or a specific day that I wanted to write about. The entire piece is structured to start and end similarly. I chose to not have every instrument playing all the time because I wanted this piece to have different moods based on which instruments are playing. The only movement where everyone plays is Wednesday, and there is much significance about that later in these notes.

Sunday is my take on the holiest day of the week. I grew up going to church every Sunday, and I thought I’d pay homage to that time in my life. It ends unresolved because what day is next? Monday is a play on starting the day without coffee and then having slightly too much coffee. Tuesday is a disjunct display of oppression and division in our nation. The most notable day and centerpiece of the work is Wednesday, in which I proposed to my wife, Iris. This was after my undergraduate composition recital in 2016. I took a main theme from another piece I wrote for her, called Perigee-Syzygy, and mixed in Mendelssohn’s wedding march to bring everything together appropriately. Thursday is a drag. It’s the final day before Friday, and it definitely feels like it. Friday is a scherzo based on a theme I previously wrote for another piece called SonatinaSaturday is a bluesy and relaxing take of what I love to do on a Saturday if I’m not busy. The piece ends with Sunday. It gives the listener peace and readiness to go through another week and to do it all over again. The piece, as a whole, gives the listener an opportunity to reflect on our days of the week and remember to enjoy each moment of our lives.

Epoch was premiered on January 21, 2018 by Space City Performing Arts.

Instrumentation: Flute, Soprano Saxophone, and Harp