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Fluid Architecture

Fluid Architecture is a test piece for 3G Percussion, a trio based out of Houston, Texas. The trio creates canonical and fugal textures through use of high and low overtones from graduated triangles and (optional) pitched-speaking. The text was found how I almost always look for them - from (This is also evident in my own A Brief History of Time. The opening theme uses a simple rhythmic that I fragment and rearrange as the piece evolves. I chose to repeat a pattern or a phrase before adding a new syllable or part of the rhythm. Steve Reich does this in many works such as Drumming and Music for 18 Musicians. I manipulate time for the listener through use of dotted rhythms and incorporating the natural stress of the spoken words to create a polyrhythmic texture throughout the piece. 

Program Notes: Fluid Architecture is a triangle trio composed for 3G Percussion for concerts on July 1-2, 2016. The text is a quote by Joni Mitchell. It states: "I see music as a fluid architecture." I loved the flow of consonants in the text, so I couldn't help but set it. The piece uses polyrhythm and metric modulations across graduated triangles to manipulate the listener's perception of time, similarly to how music is constantly changing its architecture in real time. This piece is dedicated to 3G Percussion, for which this piece and future ones will be composed for. 

Instrumentation: 3 graduated triangles