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Program Notes:

Helios embraces the sonic possibilities of the glockenspiel while embracing one of the oldest inspirations for music: Greek mythology. Helios is best described in Greek mythology as the Sun. The piece starts off with Phaeton, his son, asking for permission to use the Chariot of Fire. In his reckless ride, he starts to set the world on fire. The famous hymn, Dies irae, is played with the bow to create a haunting foreshadowing. Zeus sees Phaeton’s destruction and he strikes him dead with a lightning bolt. After a musically chaotic moment, the piece comes to a final breath before the recapitulation. The music restates previous material with a darker and melancholy tone. Helios ends with the final breath of his memory fading away in the distance.

Helios was given its premiere in September 2017 by Jackie Partida.

Instrumentation: 3.3-octave glockenspiel