Mat Campbell Music

Composer. Arranger. Conductor. Percussionist. Educator.

Kamipen is an electronic version of the third movement from my Romani Sketches before now being known as my Symphony No. 1. I have always been interested in turning orchestral and symphonic band music into electronic music, because it's fun to make new sounds and textures that have never been created. I'd like to give credit to Steven Bryant for that influence. (Thank you!)

The way I composed this piece was by taking the original string parts from Romani and then orchestrating electronic pads, leads, or effects with them to create a unique doubling. Per sé, I sometimes used Saturn Lead from Logic Pro X and doubled it with a solo violin or solo cello part. I also increased the delay of the sitar through the solo to provide more layers to its part. The music is modeled after the original structure from Romani, but the Symphony No. 1 Movement 2 will be expanded in structure.