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Moonshot is the third generation of this musical material. It takes its roots from another composition, Perigee-Syzygy, which was written for B-flat Clarinet, Percussion Quartet, and Electronics. I was asked in June of 2019 to adapt a piece for the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley Faculty Woodwind Quartet, and I accepted the commission on the condition that it would commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 Lunar Landing. After composing the Woodwind Quartet version and having the premiere on August 11, 2019, I felt it was best to make a band version of it as well.

The Woodwind Quartet version is dedicated to Dr. Carol McNabb-Goodwin and the UTRGV Woodwind Quartet.

The band version is dedicated to Dr. Matthew Mailman and the Oklahoma Youth Winds in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Program Notes:

Moonshot takes the listener on a journey from lift-off to the celebration that honored the astronauts that first stepped foot on our nearest natural celestial neighbor. Many of us wanted to be astronauts when we grew up. Even now, I still look up at the night sky to look for the flag that was planted on the moon. I wonder when we will go back. For now, we must remember those heroes that risked their lives for all mankind.