Mat Campbell Music

Composer. Arranger. Conductor. Percussionist. Educator.


Retrouvailles started as a simple track I made on Logic Pro X when I first purchased my 2013 MacBook Air. (Thanks, dad.) I wanted to create something calming and honest. I used this as a way to get away from the chaotic nature of the school semester. I improvised on a simple idea for around seven minutes. It didn't even feel like seven minutes. It felt like three. Or four. Either way, I cut what I didn't want and put the track over itself and split the panning, so I would get a canon coming from each side of the speakers/headphones. I added drums to the track. Since I didn't have a drum-set at the time, I just used the sample library from garageband. I played the tracks with my keyboard. That was fun. I also added bass guitar to the track using the same idea. I also recorded a tambourine part because, "Why not?" In maybe two-or-so hours in the middle of the night, I had finished this piece. I put it up on Soundcloud right when I was done. After putting up, I heard a few discrepancies that changed from right before exporting to audio to the Soundcloud version. I guess that was meant to be, because I really liked how the piece came out. (I'm talking about all the 16th note stuff. That doesn't belong, but it's so cool to hear!) To this day, it's still one of my favorite pieces. I'm even listening to right now as I type this.

I consider this a chamber piece because it can be played with two keyboards (piano, or whatever), bass guitar, and drums. All I need to do is just print out the parts from Logic. Or maybe I should just write it as a Finale file. I still love the idea of the track being solely electronic, but I'd also love to hear a live ensemble play it one day. Maybe Snarky Puppy could do that. (Yeah, right...)

Program Notes: Retrouvailles, meaning reunion in French, captures the feeling of reuniting with loved ones in slow motion. Its primary purpose is to provide a relaxing environment for the listener in a lounge or cafe setting.

Instrumentation: 2 keyboards (piano or electric pianos), bass guitar, drums. I would have the keyboards miked up/line in to speakers on both sides of the audience for the desired effect.