Mat Campbell Music

Composer. Arranger. Conductor. Percussionist. Educator.

Rite of Passage

Rite of Passage was composed as a sight reading etude for Taft High School in Texas. Its primary purpose is for bands to practice the Texas UIL Sight Reading procedure. This etude was composed at a Grade 1 sight reading level according to the Texas UIL Sight Reading Criteria. When composing this piece, I wanted to write a piece I could eventually work into a band piece for concert purposes. When coming to the title of Rite of Passage, I considered how this could serve on a final beginning band concert of the year.

Program Notes:

Rite of Passage is a piece for sixth graders to show their directors, peers, and parents that they learned how to become a new band. This rite of passage declares to everyone that these students are ready move onto bigger and better things such as seventh grade band and beyond.

Rite of Passage is dedicated to Felix Hernandez and the students of Taft ISD.