Mat Campbell Music

Composer. Arranger. Conductor. Percussionist. Educator.


Atlantica - Flute

Brittany's Lullaby - Piano

Chorale for Ashley - Marimba

Cognitive Dissonance - Multi-Percussion / Spoken Word

Condensation - Piano

Forgotten Space - Horn

Helios - Glockenspiel

Impromptu - Marimba

Inner Storm - Various

In the Interest of Time - Timpani (with metronome)

Monologue (to student loans) - Various

Over the Break - Various

Perpetuate - Snare Drum

Sawhorse - Multi-Percussion (incl. Electric Guitar)

Time Laps(e) - Snare Drum and Fixed Media

Wanderer - Various with Track

Wake - Piano

YEARBOOK - Various