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Wind Chimes After a Spring Rain

Wind Chimes After a Spring Rain is a duet for vibraphone and piano. The idea first came about when I was just noodling around on a vibraphone during Fall 2011. After I heard something I liked, I knew I had to make a piece out of it. I missed writing for the piano, so I incorporated that into the piece as well. The piece was finished in around four days. I used my newfound knowledge of music theory (yay!) to help me write the show section in the middle. That was pretty cool. 

The piece received its premiere on April 11, 2012 at my sophomore recital. I performed the vibraphone and roommate Eradio "Roddy" Martinez played the piano part, which appropriately had wind chimes in the part as well. 

Instrumentation: vibraphone (with mallets and bow), piano + wind chimes